20 Tips For Email Marketing Success

email marketingEmail is still the preferred communication channel of choice for most. But, as online platforms change and more and more tools are available to manage our inbox, some best practices will factor in getting your email to the “inbox” and opened. If you believe that the majority of your email readers are sitting behind a desktop you will be left behind. Readers are mobile. They are using their smartphones, tablets, laptops – but a few are still catching up at their desktop!

Change your focus to how and when readers are getting your emails and you will increase your odds of success. In fact, that is the start of our list of 20 email best practices!

1. Email readers are mobile. Keep messages short and focused.

2. Because many are mobile they tend to tap more than “click”. Watch outdated language.

3. Because they tap or swipe, keep your icons large enough to do so.

4. Because they are mobile, keep subject lines brief and to the point.

5. Let them know what your email is about, and be honest. Share the most important information at the beginning (top) of your email.

6. Send from an appropriate email address. Top tip, use your name attached to your domain name.

7. Make sure you have a call to action. Ask and you have a better chance of receiving.

8. Create a benefit to your call to action. Do this and get that.

9. Keep your core message and call to action “above the fold” where it can be seen without scrolling.

10. Don’t go overboard with graphics. 67% of the time they are not even seen!

11. Don’t get too chatty. I know, I know. Less is more.

12. Check your email with graphics turned off to make sure they look good in plain text.

13. People read in a “Z” pattern. That is left to right across the top, and then back down to lower left and back across the bottom. Place logos left or center top.

14. Create easy to understand landing pages and link them in your emails.

15. Use subject lines of 45 characters or less. Less is more.

16. Ask for referrals.

17. Ask for “shares”. Be sure to add a social share bar at the top of your email.

18. Provide links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media accounts, as well as your site/blog.

19. Make an appealing offer. Smart calls to action get the revenue wheel turning!

20. Track your efforts. Watch your metrics, track opens and, especially, your click through rates.

Have questions or suggestions? Let’s talk. Engaging in email best practices in this changing mobile environment is part science, part art, and many parts trial and error. Stay the course and you will be successful! Happy email mail marketing!


    • Mallie Hart

      So glad you liked the tips, Denys. We’re all for our readers bookmarking our articles for reference and sharing!

  1. Good pointers. I think many people “forget” about mobile users. Even though there are literally thousands of them out there. As a home-based person, I read almost everything on my laptop or iPad, rarely my phone, but I know I am in the minority. I so agree with the tip to use your name, not just your domain. And to use the right language – “click here” is so yesterday! Thanks for reminding me to change my call to action to a “tap” or “swipe”
    Laurie Hurley recently posted..5 Little Known Ways To Get People To Care About What You Post OnlineMy Profile

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  3. These are definitely some of the top tips for a successful email campaign. I also find adding a personalized touch makes a difference. People notice when you use their names or target certain products or services they previously expressed interest in. Plus, having a unique voice makes your email messages stand out.
    Sarah recently posted..Social Media Strategies for Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  4. One of the problems I think many have is understanding that email marketing is a traffic source and a way to get people to your latest blog post or sales page and that it’s key to keep the email short with a clear call to action.

    Doing that will ensure you get people through to your website and can then spend time trying to convert them into buyers or ‘sharers’ of your content.
    Marketing Bees recently posted..An Interview with SEO Expert Mat CarpenterMy Profile