From the title of this headline you are probably thinking that I’ve lost it… Facebook as content curation tool? It really works, though. Often while helping clients with their social strategy I find that they are not using Facebook in this way to help them come up with relevant content for sharing.

What I’m talking about is using Facebook as your page, and then liking lots of other, relevant pages. By liking these other pages, you can easily see what they post in your page’s newsfeed, and then share those posts with your audience.

Here’s an example: XYZ Hotel. What types of pages should/could they like? People that travel to their hotel are probably coming to the area for a reason, so the hotel should like the pages of those attractions and events that bring people to the area. Some examples could include the local Chamber of Commerce, local convention and visitors bureau, other similar economic development organizations, attractions like state parks, amusement parks, museums and more. Other ideas would include pages that the employees of the business support through donations and volunteer work. This is a great process for every business to go through. Sometimes a short brainstorming session will create a diverse list of pages to follow.

After liking all these pages, you’ll want to check the “Home” feed for your page to see what content these pages are sharing, so that you can sort out what is relevant. Remember that with Facebook it’s not always about creating new content. A mix of new content with relevant content from other pages will keep things fun and interesting. See the screenshots below to better understand what I mean by checking the “Home” feed for your page.

First, select the page you wish to use:

Then you see Facebook switched from my personal profile to my business page profile. Now when I click the Home area it will take me to the newsfeed for my page instead of the newsfeed for my personal profile.

Here’s a screenshot of the newsfeed for my page. Only pages that my page likes will be seen in this newsfeed. This is why it’s important to like pages that are relevant to your business. That will give you more of a chance for finding relevant content for sharing.

This next shot is an example of a post that I might share to my business page. It’s content is relevant, so I select Share, then add my thoughts to the post and share it to my page. A quick and easy way to come up with content for posting on a business page!

Do you go through this process for pages that you manage? How often do you check the home feed for the pages you manage? How often do you find content worth sharing through this process.

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