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3 Great (Free!) Resources For Creating Instagram Content

Fantastic photos are the cornerstone of Instagram content. However, occasionally mixing in other content types, like video and graphics, will add some interest to your feed. Most small business owners don’t have a graphic designer or videographer on staff – so, what’s a small business Instagram marketer to do?

Don’t fret.

There are plenty of wonderful free tools available to create interesting graphics and more for Instagram content. You can use these websites and apps to create inspirational quotes (typically a high engagement item) and marketing calls to action.


True, Pinstamatic was launched to create items to post on Pinterest. But this handy tool can easily be adapted to Instagram. The sticky note and quote options are easy to use and allow you to create professional looking images. Pinstamatic is extremely user friendly, with on screen step by step instructions.

Rather than pinning your finished item to Pinterest, right click to save your image. Then, upload your saved file to Instagram.

Tip: Look for quote templates that are square to avoid cropping on Instagram. If you find a design you really like that isn’t square, add extra spaces before/after the quote to help make the graphic square. The sticky note images are square by default.

Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is a great tool for editing photos for Instagram (and other uses).  Cropping, adding text and borders and using the filter menu options take your photos from ordinary to wow. But don’t limit Pic Monkey to altering photos.

Use the backgrounds, shapes and stock photos provided to make original text based graphics. Pic Monkey frequently adds new elements, so creating items for autumn or Halloween or any other seasonal event is a breeze. Pic Monkey’s free membership is robust, but paid members have access to additional fonts and graphics.


Canva has a variety of layout options for creating Facebook covers, blog graphics, cards and more. For Instagram, use the handy social media selection, which is square.

Of the tools listed, Canva offers the biggest selection of backgrounds and stock images to use. In addition, Canva has templates for contest announcements, sales alerts, and email subscriptions. This website is a terrific time saver for your Instagram (and internet) marketing.

Canva is currently in the beta stages of development, but add your name to the wait list and you should get an invitation within a couple weeks.

Take Aways:

  • For ease of use, Pinstamatic is tops.
  • Pic Monkey is a great all around tool for both making graphics and editing photos; great for seasonal items.
  • Canva offers beautiful pre-made marketing layouts.

Using text graphics in your Instagram content can be a refreshing alternative to photos. Take advantage of the many free tools available to create high quality images.

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