Everyone has a particular style to their Instagram aesthetic, but most accounts have at least a couple of inspiring, in-depth typography posts that have a meaningful caption. Participating in this trend is a good way to record a milestone in your life, think about your achievements, or just give your followers something thought-provoking to begin their day. Some accounts are dedicated to typography posts solely, and create beautiful images in the niche. We’ve gone ahead and compiled the best Instagram accounts to follow that focus on original, unique typography.

  1. Jordan Metcalf @jordan_metcalf: This South Africa-based designer has some great original typography images on his account, scattered among other graphic and visual design projects he has done. His work is unique and adored by his followers for the optical illusion appeal, and the abstract way he goes about formatting his words. 27.8k followers and counting!
  2. Jessica Hische @jessicahische: An amazing typography artist has a great personality, which she lets shine on her profile. Mixed in with several posts of her gorgeous, swirly typography wor,k she includes fun selfies of herself and her family, including the dog. Her style is very detailed and recognizable, and she has some great content she has created that typography fans will love! 114k and still growing!
  3. Typography Inspired @typographyinspired: Eclectic posts from various artists fill the feed on this Instagram, including all different styles from digitally created to hand-written typography. In their posts, they tag the original artist, so you will never be at a loss for who to follow if you want to see a bit more beautiful typography on your feed! 306k followers prove that this account is a favorite for many.
  4. El Juanastico @el_juantastico: Bright color pop and retro themes fill this Instagram account with vivid imagery and thick, blocky letters in a beautiful script. This artist takes typography to a fun, new level that is eye-catching and daring. 42.8k followers!
  5. Adam Vicarel @adamvicarel: This artist’s signature is to put his beautiful typography work onto maps or other stock and personal images that scream adventure. His work is beautiful, inspiring, and almost has a rustic feel to it. He takes striking selfies of his adventures of inspiring landscapes of mountains, oceans and treelines to enhance his feed. 16.5k followers, but truly a gem of an account!
  6. Daily Typography Inspirations @thedailytype: Another account dedicated to searching for artists and featuring their work on one feed, this account is a very active user of Instagram and gives typography lovers a chance to discover new artists and browse other styles. It’s one of the biggest accounts of its type with 455k followers that continues to climb!
  7. Colin Tierney @tierneystudio: An amazing hand-drawn typography account, run by a successful designer and family man. His creations usually feature adorable sketches to match the words, and the things he posts is captivating and inspiring. The unique factor about him as an artist is that he uses Crayola markers for his designs! 46.3 followers!

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