There is no doubt about it, marketing trends for 2019 will include an increase in visual marketing for those marketing in the local business community. Businesses can take full advantage of this trend by utilizing mobile platforms with a visual component to increase brand identity and awareness. The statistics speak for themselves. One out of three Google searches is a local search. Information needs to be delivered quickly since many shoppers are out and about looking for a specific product or service when they search. Map apps are very popular and 74% of smartphone users utilize location based services, while 78% are interested in special sales and promotions.

Instagram is a great resource for businesses looking to make an impact with photo-sharing. The platform recently celebrated its third birthday and is continuing to rise in popularity. As of September 2019, Instagram boasts over 150 million active monthly users. The platform is free and all that is required is a smartphone and the time to take and post photos. Instagram was bought by Facebook in April of 2019 and overcame some initial hurdles regarding privacy and personal ownership issues. As we speak, a handful of approved advertisers are being added to the mix. Also, a private messaging service called Instagram Direct was recently introduced to further communication and sharing among followers.

Twelve Tips For Sharing Local Business Photos With Instagram

  1. Show your personality by being genuine, relatable and personable
  2. Focus on content that is of interest to your customers and potential customers
  3. Convey the lifestyle of your brand through visual storytelling
  4. Interact with people who comment
  5. Utilize a planning calendar to schedule posts
  6. Follow top customers and those you work with
  7. Employ unique direct messaging ideas that coordinate with holidays and special events
  8. Put thought and intention into posts; posts should be planned and organized, as oppose to a mishmash of scattered images that only confuse, not inform
  9. Take photos with your smartphone frequently to compile a file of images
  10. Shoot “behind the scenes” pictures of your business operations
  11. Don’t post varieties of the same image
  12. And last, but not least; don’t steal other peoples’ images and post as your own

When surveyed, 66% of smartphone users are interested in seeing pictures related to the business they are searching. All the more reason to get those creative juices flowing and start clicking!

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