Since Instagram is a social media app all about the visuals, an excellent way to get involved and include a way to share and photography your hobby is by including your garden or love for gardening on your account! There is a whole community of gardeners on the app, with lots of hashtags and accounts that are solely for gardening out there to discover. To get started, take a look at this list of the top five home gardening accounts to follow. They’re great for inspiration or just to admire and maybe even find a couple of friends out of it! Some of them offer some important tips, too, so browse through all of the content each of these fine users have posted, and enjoy what the gardening community on Instagram has to offer you. 

  1. Megan @faroutmegan: This super sweet mom has an Instagram account full of amazing shots of her impressive garden, scattered in with a few sweets pictures of her adorable daughter. Bright flowers fill her feed in unusual and unique ways as Megan gives her followers a little peek into the life as a family home gardener. She includes some pictures of her many adventures in traveling, and many people enjoy watching as her plants grow from tiny seeds into something amazing!
  2. Sarah Nixon @mylusciousbackyard: Not only does this beautiful gardener have an exciting plot of her own, but she is also a designer and features images of her gorgeous floral creations from bouquets to wreaths! She has a keen eye for photography as well, and you can find several stunning close-ups of her more bright flowers in her garden. 
  3. Gardening Know How @gardeningknowhow: An account purely about providing tips, tricks, and facts about gardening for home gardeners! While it doesn’t feature a home-grown garden, the content is all posted by knowledgeable gardeners who are eager to answer questions and provide insight into the art. Their posts all have educational captions under sensational, beautiful photography of gardens all over the world!
  4. The Sill Shop @thesill: The Instagram of a breath-taking floral design shop, but it also doubles as a great place to find inspiration and see beautiful plants. They post a variety of different things that are useful to home gardeners from facts, ideas, and shots of other amazing home gardens around the area to draw even more inspiration. Packed on their blog, they have useful information for old and new gardeners.
  5. Edible Balcony @ediblebalcony: This account is an awesome one, because it features the small gardens from both inside the house and hanging over a little balcony. There isn’t much of personal posting like some other home gardening accounts but this user is incredible at capturing just the right angles for their mini gardens! To inspire and challenge gardeners to take planting to new horizons, you can find both flowers and all kinds of vegetables on this account. 

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