If you love photo contests or love to run them for your clients, ShortStack has a new integration feature you will LOVE!


If you are not familiar with Instagram, it’s about the hottest photo app out there.  It allows you to edit your photo using different filters which add tints and style to it while letting you crop the photo or make other minor edits. It’s only available on mobile devices like your iPhone, Droid, iPad, Kindle, etc.

Now, when creating and executing a photo contest with a ShortStack app or promotion you can have entrants use photos from Instagram.

When setting up the contest, just click the photos button and add Instagram to it.  What’s even cooler is that you can set it to only allow users to enter photos with a specific hashtag.  Using a hashtag is a great way to brand your contest. #sscphotosrule anyone?

So now when someone goes to enter your photo contest, they can choose to upload a photo from their computer, Facebook or now Instagram!  How many of you take great pictures and post them on Instagram only to have them stay in your feed and go nowhere?

Online contests are very popular, especially on Facebook.  As we all know (or at least should know), running contests on Facebook requires a third party application.  ShortStack is one of the many you can use, but having the new Instagram integration gives other programs’ photo contests an edge.

The blog on ShortStack has a great how-to video posted.  You should check it out!

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