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Social Media & Marketing Reads

Differentiate Yourself and Raise Your Rates

Although this is an older, evergreen, read – we did stumble across it this week and it’s still a very valuable read! Pricing our products and services isn’t easy. We want our offerings to be affordable, but we also don’t want to underprice ourselves and create a sense that our services are cheap or less than valuable. Jennifer Bourne shares how making yourself and your service stand out can be key to raising your rates and adding perceived value.

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10 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media Marketing

While there’s no single one size fits all way to engage in social media marketing, connection and engagement, there certainly are some fairly hard and fast rules that factor into how we should behave online. Rebekah Radice shares her top ten in one of her latest articles.

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12 Most Eye-Catching Reasons Your Business Needs to Get Visual

Rumor has it that images help create connection and engagement. Pictures really are worth a THOUSAND words. So, why aren’t you making the most of the visuals that enhance and attract eyes to your content? The gang at 12 Most wants to help get you on board!

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3 Content Creation Tips to Win the Battle for Attention

There’s no dearth of articles available to those of us looking to stay on top of the social media and digital marketing game. Many of us not only spend plenty of time reading these articles, we also spend a good bit of time creating this type of content. So, how can we ensure our content doesn’t capsize and sink as it rides the content marketing waves toward the shore? Maybe these three tips from the Content Marketing institute will help!

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10 Ethical and Effective Ways to Share Your Business Opportunity on Social Media

Hard selling and promotion across social media platforms is often the best way to lose followers and negatively impact your online reputation. But we are in the business to make money, right? How can we share our opportunities, our products and services, in a fashion that doesn’t repulse or repel? Karen Clark shares her top 10 tips.

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5 Boards to Create for Your Business on Pinterest

Unless you’ve long been lost at sea or have had your head buried in the sand for months on end, you know that Pinterest is about so much more than crafty how-to and decorating cupcakes. It’s a valuable and viable tool for creating buzz, connection and generating leads, too. Not sure how to make the jump from casual use to business savvy pinning? Julie Campbell shares the boards that will help boost your business presence on Pinterest.

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Instagram is Available on Windows Phones!

Window phone users, rejoice! Jenn Herman shares the great news with you. The Instagram app is now available to you!

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