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Photo Or Video? Best Choices For Instagram Content!

Now that Instagram allows both photo and video posts, you may feel overwhelmed when creating content. Simply adding an Instagram account to your social marketing channels was daunting enough, but now you have to choose between two types of content? Phew!

How do you know if you should spend your time editing a photo or recording a video?

Here are some rough guidelines to take into consideration when figuring out what kind of content to crate for your business Instagram account.

Should I Take A Photo or Record A Video For Instagram?

When to Post Photos to Your Instagram Account

Photos will be your “bread and butter” content on Instagram. Images are what most users have come to expect from this social media channel. In the majority of cases, you can use photos for the following instances:

To Reinforce Brand Image

Some examples of photos you can take to reinforce your brand include:

  • Photos of employees
  • Product images
  • Customers using your product or service
  • Photos that display the emotion you want to associate with your product (excited, calm, etc.)

When Your Message Requires Text

When you want to share text on your image, it will be more accessible if it is static. Instances when you choose to add text images may include:

  • Coupon codes
  • Hashtags to be used for contests/sweepstakes
  • New product announcements
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Funny memes or jokes

When To Share Video With Your Instagram Account

While the majority of your Instagram content will be photos, there are some cases where using video will really help get your marketing message across. Some of the cases that may benefit from video are:

Demonstrating a Product or Service in Use

  • Showing your product in action
  • Demonstrating innovative or alternative uses for the product
  • Short clips of clients using the product or service, such as a massage or a spa treatment

Reasons To Create Audio Enhanced Video

  • The essence of your business is audio, such as a band or a voice-over specialist
  • Customers link a specific sound with your product or service : ice cream truck music, fun squeals at amusement parks, the sound of a soda can being opened

Mix up the content you share on Instagram. Too much of the same content can get stale. Even if you don’t need to use video, throw one in your feed every so often to test what kind of response you get.

Remember, the most important thing is to be consistent, no matter what type of content you choose to share. Don’t let feeling overwhelmed keep you from doing anything at all.

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