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animated GIF framesIn the three years since its launch, Pinterest has done a fantastic job listening to their audience, and has implemented many of their wants. They take user suggestions to heart and continue to add new features as the platform grows. You asked and Pinterest listened to your request. Many pinners were already pinning GIFs to their boards, but the only way to see them was to click through to the original source website. Until now! Pinterest added a ‘Play’ button to animated GIFs so you can play each GIF right on Pinterest. GIFs won’t automatically play, you must press the ‘play’ button if you want to see it in action.

Haven’t seen any? According to Pinterest “there are already tens of millions of GIF pins and a million people a day see at least one GIF pin on Pinterest.”

Brands that are already using GIFs on their website, will be thrilled to know they can get more eyes on their GIFs by pinning them. For those who do not have their own GIFs, pinning other people’s GIFs adds a great new element to your pinning. Before GIFs, you could pin both images and video. Add GIFs to that mix, and it opens up new possibilities for engagement and fun.

Here is what a GIF Pin looks like:


All you need to do is click the ‘play’ button to see the pin in animated action. For now, you can add GIFs to your boards via the web, but Pinterest promises to add that same feature to mobile soon.

How Do You Create GIFs To Pin?

If you’ve never created a GIF, there’s a whole new world waiting for you. Here are few free tools to try, if you want to add GIFs to your visual content strategy:

  • Gifmaker.me – create from images
  • Gifsoup.com – create from YouTube videos
  • Makeagif.com – create from YouTube videos, your webcam or uploaded video
  • ImgFlip – create from YouTube videos, your webcam or uploaded video

How Do You Find GIFs To Pin?

I did a quick search on Pinterest with ‘GIF’ as the keyword. Plenty of pins showed up in both the ‘Pin’ and ‘Board’ searches. You can search on Google as well, and pin GIFs from websites as you find them. Are you ready to give it a try?


To give you a few examples of cool social media related GIFs, I went looking around Pinterest. Here are three examples:
(for your convenience, I added several GIFs to one board. View the board with all of the GIF pins here.)

1. An announcement of 9 million Twitter followers

2. An animated GIF that’s an infographic, explaining Instagram

3. ‘How to view my LinkedIn post’

A Word Of Caution

I think that GIFs can be a great addition to your Pinterest repertoire and content strategy if used correctly. Pinning varied content to reach more people is smart, but make sure using GIFs fits in with your branding and social media voice. Whether you’ll be creating your own GIFs, or repinning GIFs from Pinterest and websites; keep in mind to pin content of interest to your audience. For business pinners, here are two more things to consider.

  • Remember that most Pinterest users access Pinterest while mobile and as GIFs are not supported there yet, take care to choose the first frame of your GIFs with care because that is what mobile users will see.
  • If your main goal is to drive traffic to your website, do not use GIFs. They will catch people’s attention and are great for brand recognition, but they will keep your audience on Pinterest.

Will you jump on GIF bandwagon? Have you pinned some of your favorite GIF creations? We’d love to see them shared in the comments section!


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