There’s more to marketing through Instagram than just creating images and interacting with users. As with all social media marketing and sharing, it is important to review how your content is being received.

By conducting careful and consistent Instagram analysis, marketers are able to make informed decisions about what kinds of images and shares work well and what needs improvement.

However, the Instagram app does not offer any feedback other than the number of likes each individual post receives.

Good news: Simply Measured offers a suite of free reports that will provide you with plenty of data for in-depth Instagram analysis.

How To Access Your Free Instagram Analysis

  • Navigate to Simply Measured’s Free Reports page.
  • Select the Instagram free report icon.
  • Enter your Instagram user name and password into the authentication box.
  • Simply Measured will provide a link for your online report and also email you the results.

Don’t let the amount of data returned overwhelm you. Pay attention to the results which can be applied directly to your marketing strategy.

I’ve shared a sample of what you’ll see in the reports, below:

Important Stats to Review

  • Best Day and Time to Post: Know when to share your content for the highest engagement.
  • Most Engaging Posts: Awareness about what has been successful in the past can be as a guide for creating future posts.
  • Engagement Outside of Instagram: Knowing how much love your Instagram content gets on other social platforms can help you assess how viral your posts are.
  • Most Popular Hashtags: If the popular tags apply to future content, you will certainly want to include them on your posts to increase your reach.
  • Most Active Commenters: When you know your biggest fans, you can engage with them on Instagram to develop a two sided relationship. Consider rewarding them with special discounts or freebies.

Export Data for In-Depth Analysis

My favorite feature of Simply Measured’s free report is the ability to export all of your post data. Perhaps there is something not shown on the report that you would like to discover. Or, maybe you want to use the data to find trends within your posts. With the exported data, you can perform your own detailed Instagram analysis.

Do you need to share your Instagram stats with your managers? Simply Measured also allows you to quickly export the report data into a PowerPoint presentation.

Reviewing your social media statistics is a very important aspect of digital marketing. Take advantage of the free Instagram analysis available from Simply Measured.

How do you keep track of your Instagram activity effectiveness?

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