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Social Media Engages & Informs As You Recruit Donors & Volunteers

According to, 73% of adults online use social media. The most popular social media sites include Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and, recently, Instagram. If your organization is not engaged online, you are missing out on attracting new supporters and engaging with current donors. It is important to establish your organization’s online presence and to create effective content to keep your cause relevant among stakeholders.

Incorporating these ideas within your social media strategy can help engage, inform, and recruit donors and volunteers.

  • Connect with donors, volunteers, staff, and your community with Linkedin. Create a company page for your organization and post frequent updates for jobs and volunteer positions, upcoming events, and news. You can also create a group to discuss topics that are relevant to your audience. Ask and answer questions, share ideas, and connect with other organizations.
  • Facebook remains the number ONE go-to social site among adults. Establish a Facebook page (not a personal profile) and start connecting with your audience. Share the stories of your organization through images and video. Share upcoming events and don’t be afraid to ask for donations. Creating compelling content will engage your audience.
  • Along with incorporating images and links within your tweets on Twitter, consider adding video using Vine, a mobile app that creates short videos. You can use Vine to create a promotional video of your next community event and share it with followers. Use this tool for storytelling and to show off the fun side of your organization.
  • Pinterest is a great platform for posting visual content that can support fundraising and organization initiatives. Read Pin It: 5 Ways Pinterest Can Benefit Your Non-Profit! for additional tips.
  • Share photos on Instagram that feature your donors and highlight volunteer work. Consider holding a photo contest and don’t forget to share what goes on in the office. Get creative! Share photos that showcase what is important to your cause and organization.

What is your organization doing to engage, inform, and recruit donors and volunteers online? Share links to your effective efforts in the comments below. We can all benefit and learn from one another.

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