Working Better With Google Products

Google Products

Google Products are designed to make your work life easier and solve problems for business owners and entrepreneurs. Google products boast many tools designed to help you, your team and your collaborators communicate and work better together. These products include everything from email to video conferences to document storage and beyond.  They’re integrated and easily accessible and conveniently accessible on smartphones and tablets.


Of all the Google products, for me, Gmail is absolutely mandatory. Gmail is smart. There is filtering, you can use “stars” to highlight important messages,  you can create labels and use Google-powered search all within a clean, organized inbox. Gmail is not only a great place to store and organize your email and contacts but you can also chat, take phone calls, and engage in video meetings from your inbox.


One of the Google Products that has quickly become one of its most popular because of all the various ways you can use it, including as a FREE webinar or video conference, is Hangouts. With Hangouts you can hold video meetings with up to 15 people at the same time.  You have the ability to launch a meeting straight from your inbox and be more effective with tasks with face-to-face communication. You can share your screen to present data, slides, and documents with anyone, anywhere.


With 30GB of included cloud storage, Google Drive can house all your business files: documents, pictures, videos and presentations. Not only can you store files, you can also share files with exactly who you want and edit them together, from any device. So if you are collaborating with someone on a project and you’re working on a joint file, you can edit that file together in real time.


Google Calendar makes scheduling simple. I use this Google product every single day. Having the ability to overlay multiple calendars makes planning events and meetings easier. You don’t have to worry about having your laptop or desktop nearby to check your calendar. You can simply use two-way syncing to your mobile device so you can access your calendar anywhere.

Google Calendar doesn’t want you to miss a thing, You can customize reminders to help you stay on top of all your scheduled events. You can choose to be notified by either email or a text message sent to your phone.

Google says their mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” I believe they’ve nailed it! Which of the Google products, if any, do you use and how do they make your work easier? Please share. 

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  1. HI Sara – I agree; Google products offer so much help to businesses and really level the playing field for the small business owner. I really see the viability of Hangouts but find that people are reluctant to try them. Any thoughts on how to sell the positive benefits of Hangouts to the skeptical ones?