Business Email: A Valuable Resource

email-effectiveSome would have you believe that email and email marketing is an out-of-date way to market. They would push social media usage over email when it comes to online marketing, stating that email marketing is simply not a wise move. The reality is that social media can enhance your email contacts to build even closer one-to-one business relationships. Online tools should work together to help you build your brand and your business. Email is the best and most solid line of communication for your organization.

Email Marketing is a valuable business tool, and here’s why

  • Email is still the preferred choice for communication. It is fast, easy, trackable and, perhaps best of all, it is extremely cost-effective. Think how often you check email yourself.
  • Email is mobile friendly. As people become more attached to connectivity, email becomes an ever more important link. The knowledge that much of your reading audience is now mobile can help make your emails even more effective.
  • Email is versatile. You can create separate lists for clients and prospects as they move through your marketing funnel. If you so choose, you may even develop separate content for each recipient as they progress through your conversion process. It is important to properly manage those lists.
  • Email keeps you in front of your prospects and clients on a shoe-string budget. It gives you direct access to their inboxes.
  • Today’s email software programs allow you brand your business professionally with good looking graphics and images.
  • Email can greatly help your organic SEO efforts by adding clickable links into your communications.
  • Email allows you to control the conversation and to influence and monitor important topics and discussions.
  • Email can help you promote yourself, introduce a product, offer a special or communicate value added information. You can even conduct surveys and test reactions.
  • It is critical to know what interests your audience. Email allows you to track this with responses, open-rates, and clicks. This gives you the opportunity to mold campaigns and make adjustments in real-time. This makes email a perfect marketing vehicle for a wide-range of products and services.

Of course, you always want to follow proper email etiquette and proper business guidelines. We’ll discuss more on that subject next time. If you are struggling with your email marketing, or perhaps may have abandoned it a bit too soon, feel free to contact me. Email is a powerful tool to keep in your marketing tool chest for your business.