Video Screen Capture Software for Recording Your Screen: Windows

Or videos that don’t require hair combing or lippy!

Ever wondered how you make those how-to videos that show you exactly what’s happening on a computer screen? We did too! And it took us ages to find out how to do this as we just weren’t sure what to search for on Google.

Video screen capture is what’s going on – but the official term is screencasting.

If you want to do something a bit more involved than a simple video, take a look at some of these video screen capture software programs and give one a try.

One thing to point out is that if you plan on making a few videos then it’s essential that you use software that enables you to edit the video.

Video editing is crucial in my opinion because it frees you from thinking that you have to make the perfect video (no umms and ahhs) in one go. You don’t!

The following  tools will help you:

  1. Record a video of your computer screen with or without audio
  2. Convert PowerPoint, Prezi and Google Presentations (you will need a Google account for this one) into videos by recording your screen as you play your presentations (and probably any other presentation platforms you care to use)
  3. Create instructional video tutorials explaining your product or how to use your website.
  4. Provide a much quicker way to support customers and they will love you for making a video to show them something, as few people do it. 

Camtasia Studio from Techsmith – Paid


  • Camtasia costs $350.00.
  • You can create, edit and share your screencast videos.
  • You download the software onto your computer.

Although at first glance it might look pricey, you get hands-on support, tutorials showing how to get the best from the software and it’s known for its useful features.

Access Camtasia tutorials hereWatch a tutorial on

BB Flashback from Blueberry Software – Paid

BB Flashback - video screen capture

  • The Pro version (comparable to Camtasia) costs $199.
  • You can create, edit, add to and share your videos.
  • You download the software to your computer.

It’s more affordably priced than Camtasia, but it doesn’t share as many video tutorials. However it’s not difficult to use. Support is responsive. This is the software that I use.

Here’s a video showing you how to record.

Ezvid – Free

ezvid - video screen capture

  • This is a free screen recorder.
  • You download the software and install on your computer.
  • You can create, edit and share your screencast videos.

Tutorials to help you learn how to use software.

Jing – from Techsmith – Free

Jing - video screen capture

I couldn’t complete this post without mentioning Jing. I’ve been using Jing for ages and it’s great to use to get your feet wet in making your first videos.

  • You download the software and install on your computer
  • You can create 5 minute screencast videos only.
  • No adding to the video nor editing.

You can upgrade to Snagit or CamtasiaCheck out these Jing tutorials.

Over To You

I know there are several more video screen capture software programs available but I didn’t want to make the list overwhelming. Do you have a favorite? If share with us on the comments.


  1. Fantastic overview, Caroline, of screencasting options. I have used Jing which is very quick and useful and will check out the other options you mention. Great topic and easy to follow!

  2. Tamell

    I just started using Keynote. I have always been wanting to make how-to-videos and only now do I have the time :-). This was VERY helpful! Thank you for your time in researching this topic.