The Collective

Why a Collective?

While we all run our own businesses, some of us more than one, we understand that in the fast-paced, ever changing world of social media you don’t want to work with a jack of all trades, master of none. Sure, each member of our collective excels in a multitude of social situations. But, we also know we all have our “best” skills.  By coming together, each of us with a different “best skill”, we can each offer real solutions that can be rolled up into one rocking package.

Outsourcing is something most small, and many medium, sized businesses must consider. Sure, you can outsource your social media to a single entity. More than likely they’ll do a darned good job. But if blogging and content curation are that company’s “best” skills, you may find that the graphics aren’t quite what you had in mind, or maybe your Twitter feed feels a little less than vibrant and engaging. That happens. But not when you work with a collective.

When you work with a collective that can provide you with everything from unique graphics to ghost writing for your blog, your social media marketing isn’t just covered, it ROCKS!



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