What Is Your Social Media Monitoring Process?

Monitor CRMPrior to social media being instrumental in business; those businesses were relegated to alternate forms of customer contact and communication. In fact, the majority of the interactions revolved around handling customer issues only when the customer called and brought the issue to the attention of the business. This resulted in a response by the company that essentially was used to appease the customer. This also required many man hours.

Social media has changed all of that, and, therefore, customer relationship management has changed.  Monitoring social media is highly useful in CRM as bigger issues or budding problems can be staved off, for those who use social media routinely and regularly will be well aware when there is a problem or perhaps a problem brewing.

Social media sites can be used for addressing customer questions, concerns, ideas, and even issues, right away. This is a much faster and much more personal method compared to waiting for a complaint or request to come in via traditional channels, which sometimes get bogged down in the process. When a business pays attention to the things posted on social media channels they can answer right away and even engage the customer in a chat to find out more or even resolve a problem in very little time.

The art and act of listening to customers is something that can be challenging for smaller businesses, due to time and staffing issues, but in today’s business world it is no longer an option. Creating a social media monitoring process will help you gauge customers and get a glimpse into the mindset of customers that businesses rarely get a chance to experience, unless they sit and meet with each one individually to discuss issues. CRM and social media bring two-way communication to a forum setting that is interactive and helps businesses truly cater to the needs of their customers.

What is your social media monitoring process for CRM in 2014?  If you don’t have a plan in place, what’s stopping you?


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  2. Google got rid of their mail alert, which didn’t work within social media anyway. RSS Owl seems to find the same things over and over again. What seems to be missing is information on how it’s done, on a smaller scale. Please, tell us, what is available to small businesses, with free social accounts?