Reputation Equation: Add To Your Brand, Help A Cause

Reputation Equation: Add To Your Brand, Help A CauseWhen it comes to building your reputation we often wonder what’s in it for me? Have you ever thought about using your name to help make the world a better place or to eliminate social ills in your community? Cause-marketing is growing in popularity.  Cause-marketing is defined as collective efforts of a for-profit business and non-profit organization for mutual benefit. For example, Home Depot provides money, volunteers and products to help the non-profit KABOOM!, which build playgrounds for inner city children. There are many benefits to public commitment to a good cause.

Here are a few:

  1. First, if a profit can be generated at the same time as raising funds for a charity, it becomes a win-win scenario for everyone involved.
  2. Secondly, alignment with a charity can enhance a company’s image in a very positive way.
  3. Thirdly, the alignment can open the door for a new customer base. According to studies, 73% of shoppers say they would shift to a different brand if a good cause was associated with it.
  4. Lastly, cause-marketing can build goodwill and enhance a brand’s reputation.

Cause-related marketing includes: product sales, socially responsible branding, co-branded events, sponsorships, sales, and vouchers.

I am on the board of The Family Resource Center, which is an abuse prevention and counseling center. This agency does a lot of great work in our community; including helping young children who have been sexually abused. This is a cause very dear to me. One of the things I have taken on is the agency’s publicity efforts. I work to create regular press releases, increasing awareness about the agency through social media and seeking out ways to connect our cause to what is going on in the world. When the agency has events, I work on creating posters and other marketing materials, and have in the past linked the agency’s website to mine. There are times my work has been recognized by others in the community, resulting in business, but the opportunity to serve far outweighs the recognition. In the future there are several opportunities to do much more together.

Actor Seth Green puts it this way, “There’s never a surefire good career move except doing good work.”  Doing good work, both in your community and in your business, is a surefire way to enhance your reputation as a community leader.

Have you tried cause-marketing? If so, give us the scoop. How did it work?


  1. A few years back, I went to a presentation by Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Tom’s Shoes. It was an inspiring presentation about “conscious capitalism” and the philosophy of the company. I think if you are an established business and truly interested in the humanitarian aspect of giving back, it can be a worthwhile business model.
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