No Time To Travel? Hot Tips to Pin Your Way to Summer Fun!

travelIt’s summer and who wouldn’t love to travel? Yet, from experience, I know how much time, effort and money it takes to travel to far away places and experience far away cultures.

Time: As a business owner, time is money, thus taking a long trip is often not on the books – unless it’s a business trip, but they never end up anywhere exciting or exotic!

Effort: As a business owner, effort also is money and time away from the office usually equates to lost business and more lost money.

Money: Lastly, did I mention money? Well. That was reason number three.

So what’s a girl to do? Travel vicariously through Pinterest! Here are three ideas to get the ‘Travel Experience’ Pinterest-style, right from your own comfy couch!

Pinterest Events: Live

Pin It and Eat It Parties

  • Organize a party based on Pinterest food pins. Each guest brings a dish made from a recipe found on Pinterest.
  • Pick a theme based on a culture, city or country.
  • Invite neighbors and friends, create, party and pretend to be far, far away!

Spa Day, Pinterest Style

  • Find home-made spa treatments on Pinterest, pin them to a secret board.
  • Invite only your besties who need a spa day. (keep it low-key!)
  • Spend a day hanging out, trying new spa treatments, listening to the sounds of far away beaches and relax!

Staycation Fun

  • Find fun summer things to do on Pinterest.
  • Duplicate the fun, locally.
  • Take pictures of your own summer fun (similar positions, with similar props).
  • Create a board about your own ‘Staycation’ for lasting memories of fun!

Virtual Pinterest Travel

Create a ‘Bucket List’ of Places to Visit

  • Group them by continent: Pin all the countries you want to visit.
  • Group them by country: Pin all the cities you want to visit.
  • Group them by city: Pin all the things you want to do in each city.

*For added fun, create a group board and ‘plan’ a group trip.

Create your own Virtual Tour

  • First, decide where you want to go.
  • Collect information about that place, including pins and visiting websites.
  • Create a ‘Virtual Tour’ board with detailed pins on what to see, do, eat and experience on the tour. Don’t forget to add reviews!

Relive a past vacation by creating several ‘I went to XYZ…’ boards

  • Think about your favorite beaches, museums, restaurants, tours, destinations, airlines, hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, activities, spas and more.
  • Add your own photographs of your past trip to the board.
  • Pin your own reviews, if you left them.

Pinterest Travel Games

Play your own version of the ‘Amazing Race’

  • Create an ‘Amazing Race’ board and invite some friends and family to pin along!
  • Pin a Question or a Task to the first board, asking them to pin the answers.
  • Move to the next board as you travel around the world, to a new place.
  • Invite your friends to host a board, too.
  • Learn new facts about new places.

Adapt any Car Game to become a Pinterest Game

  • ‘Find & Pin’ license plates from all 50 states. Challenge a friend to do it faster! No duplicates allowed.
  • ‘Pin & Sing’. Pin images reminiscent of old songs, and invite friends to guess the name of the songs.
  • Find each song on YouTube when the answer is guessed, and pin the video to the board, too.

Play a Pinterest Version of Monopoly

  • Invite a friend to play.
  • Both of your need to create a ‘Monopoly’ board.
  • Start pinning streets to the other person’s Monopoly board, laying ‘claim’ to that street.
  • Have fun building a board with rail roads, streets, hotels, houses and more.
  • In the descriptions to the pins trade, buy, mortgage and barter.
  • Make up your own rules, of course!

TIP: To start looking for some of the pins to populate these types of fun, summer boards, follow the boards of Travel Agencies, Photographers, Museums, Local Events and Museums, Hotel Chains, Local Restaurants and more. Don’t forget to visit and pin from your favorite websites, too.

If you are in the tourist industry, take full advantage of the summer months to upload delicious pins and irresistible content! Live it up.


  1. Love this Dorien. Great ideas! Made me laugh, after partying and travelling virtually the Pinterest way we’re going to have to do the virtual ‘leave your computer screen’ kinda therapy :)
    I still don’t see how we can gain for our business by increasing Pinterest traffic/followers. I know you can sell products that are pretty by including a price and links to your e-shop or website. Other than that, I might need to read one of your articles explaining how ROI increases with dear P.
    Thanks for all the insights ALWAYS.
    Veronica Solorzano Athanasiou recently posted..How to optimise your page about custom jewellery – or any pretty creations.My Profile

    • Dorien Morin

      Increased traffic to your website from Pinterest can result in more business, of course. More followers and traffic helps build brand awareness. If and when you pin your own content as well as content found on websites and pins, and build your Pinterest audience, they will follow you, learn from you, trust you, maybe join your mailing list or your Facebook page, or G+ community and THEN you can turn them into a paying client one day. Glad you enjoyed the article. ~Dorien