Love Your Email Marketing: Strategies For A Successful Campaign

Email Marketing LoveEmail marketing is a crucial part of a successful marketing strategy for your business. As business owners we wear many hats and consistency can sometimes be the hardest hat we wear. An effective email marketing plan starts with some key components for success. Get out your pen and paper …

Let’s Start Planning Your Email Marketing Strategy!

  1. Set a goal. Know what you want your campaign to accomplish. Is it sales, sign-ups, appointments?
  2. Target your audience. Who are you marketing to? Who is on your list and what do they have in common?
  3. Create message basics. What are you going to say to move readers toward your goal? How will you explain the benefits of your offer and call the reader to action?
  4. Decide on a message type. Are you best served by sending a newsletter or a promotional piece? You can also choose to send a press release, new product announcement or preferred customer message.
  5. Time your message. Avoid sending it overnight or first thing in the morning. Avoid Mondays and Fridays.
  6. Make your message graphically appealing. Use graphics that fit your message and business image and make good use of white space.
  7. Personalize your copy when possible. Using names in your salutation and within the email copy can be a valuable attention getting tool.
  8. Keep your copy clean, clear and concise. Focus on your goal and form a message that quickly gets your point across.
  9. Include a strong call to action. Make sure you clearly ask the reader to do what you want him/her to do.
  10. Tie a benefit to the call to action. Let them know that if they do “this” they well see the benefit of “that”.
  11. Include immediacy in your message. Create an urgency to act now.
  12. Proof read and spell check. A typo in the subject line is a death blow to an email. Errors in your copy hurt your credibility.
  13. Check any links you include. Make sure your links go to the proper destination.
  14. Create a great subject line. Make it attention getting, relevant, timely and have it properly convey what the full message is about.
  15. Keep your subject line to the point. Subject lines shouldn’t go above 40 characters, and, yes, that includes spaces.
  16. If you have a blog, link to it. Keep your readers coming back for more and make it easy for them to find that “more”.
  17. Make sure your name or brand is in the “From” line. If not, make sure you include it in your subject line.
  18. Include a link to your website. Simple, but effective traffic generation.
  19. Make sure you include links to your social media pages/profiles. Integrate your email with your social media.
  20. Preview your message by sending it to yourself. View it in text and HTML , check it out on a mobile device and give it a final proof and polish before sending it out.

Take the time to put an email marketing strategy in place, it will pay it forward to your bottom line. You are creating top of mind awareness on a regular basis, whether you’re targeting a client, a prospect or a colleague. People do business other people they know, like and trust. Create good content, be consistent, make sure your message is well branded and watch your word of mouth marketing explode!

Do you plan and strategize your email marketing campaigns? Share with us! Looking forward to hearing about your email marketing success!


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    • Thanks Carol! It is definitely one area that gets overlooked, myself included at times. We have a inhouse “rule” we send to everyone on the team to review, I even encourage reading aloud because it sometimes helps to ensure things are not missed.

  2. Great points! All these things can get so easily overlooked as people rush off their newsletters so they can take another item off the to-do list. You might think “proofread and spell check” would be a no-brainer but so many emails go out looking like an 8th grade homework assignment (before mom got to it). This is a good checklist to print and stick next to your computer!

  3. Dave Harris

    Great post and I love the tips and tricks you have shared! I own a small, virtual business and use campaign builders for e-newsletters. Banckle.Campaign lets me make my own email marketing campaigns with predefined themes and also reuse the newsletter themes every month. I also reuse my NL themes and campaigns which is quite a time saver for me. I love this particular campaign builder for reusing my newsletters and other business campaigns.

  4. Thanks Carol! All the points have their own significance. None of the above point can be missed. Overlooking these checkpoints leads to less or zero ROI. Thanks for helpful list.