I Do Vsnaps Now and Vsnaps Are Cool!

logo_vsnapWelcome to 2013! Our theme this month is “Out with the … In with the …”.

I’m not necessarily getting rid of anything with this, but I am definitely adding something new.

2013 is already becoming billed as “Year of the Video”. I don’t believe in video for the sake of video, so I have been searching for a good reason to use video that makes sense to and for me. One of the things that came up was sending video greetings to the members of my community. This is something I had tried to do with photos last year, but admittedly, I dropped the ball. I’d been trying to find the best way to put this into an actionable plan, I think I have every single video app out there on my iPad –  all never opened.

Then came a random Twitter conversation and an app called Vsnap.

I first came across this app when I read a post about apps that launched in 2012. It was one of those things that you read, tweet, and file away with the thought, “I have to look at that sometime” and then never do. In the case of Vsnap however, my tweet was read by two gentlemen who I respect and they both mentioned how awesome Vsnap was (and also introduced me to the community manager) so I decided to check it out that day,

Now, when I discover something I am excited about, I’m like a kid at Christmas. I just *have* to share it with everyone. Whether it be music, a TV show or, in this case, an awesome social media tool.

Vsnap takes the ability to get involved with your communities to the next level and is perfect for Twitter. The app (mobile on both Android and iOS systems as well as desktop) allows you to film a short (under one minute) video and send it directly to someone via email, LinkedIn or Twitter. It’s a simple tool to use, very “point and shoot”. It gets a bit discombobulated the first couple of times you try and send one out, but it picks up pretty quick. I have also managed to film a couple upside down using the phone app, but that’s just operator error.

You have the option of attaching attachments to you videos if you want to include more information. There is also an option that the viewers can rate how the Vsnap made them feel (the ‘ratings’ are helpful, thoughtful or amazing.) On your home page, you can see how many people have viewed your snap.

Vsnap provides great customer service. The community manager Trish is quick on the ball with a welcome to new Twitter followers and new members. She is also pretty quick to notice when there is a conversation about them going on across the web and is happy to jump in and engage with the group.

I’ve been sending a Vsnap a day to individual community members and so far, the reaction has been great. People truly do appreciate the personal touch of going that extra mile. I also believe that this kind of interaction, even if it is one way, can help people to get to know each other on a deeper level.



  1. Trish is on the ball and an excellent ambassador for Vsnap.
    She sent me a “snappy” video last week after the whole Vsnap/Poonvis hullabaloo.

    Video is big and anyone that can make it “point & shoot” for those intimidated by it, is going to do well.
    Ray Hiltz recently posted..Can Google+ Drive Social Business?My Profile

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