How Often Should You Post Content?

Content Consistency - How Often?You hear it over and over – in order to engage in content marketing effectively, you have to produce great content and produce it consistently. But let’s cut to the chase …

How often should you post that great content?

For many marketers, translating an idea like “consistency” into specific goals and actionable marketing steps can be somewhat challenging.

And as much as some gurus, evangelists and experts might like to tell you they have the single best answer for your business, let me save you a some time and a few (hundred) dollars. They don’t.

Sure, there are some principles having to do with best practices online, but those exist as a starting point. Your audience is unique to you and they will have their own habits and patterns with respect to how they interact with your brand.

In my last post for the Social Solutions Collective, I examined some of the quality content metrics used to determine the initial selection of blogs for the annual Social Media Examiner roundup of top blogs in the field.

In this post, I want to talk about a metric that seems cut and dry to some people but should be something each content marketer determines for him or herself.

How Often Should You Post Content?

The answer is, “it depends.”

Thank you, end of article.

In all seriousness, the answer that works for you might not work for me, and vice versa. Some people start a discussion of frequency of posting with a framework of X number of posts per week (usually in the 2 to 3 post per week range). Usually this coincides with the desire to help improve search rankings, as frequency of content and quantity of content does signal a stronger site to search engines.

Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends started with this approach. Her blog is new-ish (just celebrated its one year anniversary), so it’s a good case study, I think, when it comes to someone addressing the question of content frequency pretty recently, and seeing the results of a particular approach.

From the start, Jenn knew she wanted to share a good quantity of content quickly. When asked about how she decided to choose her posting frequency, she said, “When it came to my blog, I wanted to give my readers enough content every week to keep them stimulated. I had a lot to say and wanted to share that content frequently but on a schedule I could manage practically. I also honestly wanted to create enough content to get significant page counts to boost my search rankings. So I decided to try blogging 3 times a week and I’ve been doing that ever since.

Her answer highlights a few different aspects about her approach. She chose a schedule and was consistent with her approach. This is often one of the hardest things for a new blogger to do. It is sometimes challenging to be consistent when you are new and aren’t seeing the feedback (likes, shares, and comments) that help give you feedback and shape your future content.

Thankfully consistency is a choice, not a feeling. (Shocking, I know.)  It’s simply a habit that you establish (and that you can make easier with things like a content calendar like I’ve mentioned here or a standard template to outline your blog posts – mentioned as a tool by bloggers such as Michael Hyatt).

Does Your Audience Agree?

At the very same time that it’s important to establish a schedule and be consistent, there’s another component you’ll want to include in your decision about how often to publish content.

Your audience.

Whether you use Google Analytics or something simple like social media shares and comment quantity, it’s important to evaluate your audience’s reaction to your posting frequency.

As Jenn from Jenn’s Trends writes, “The best practice I use to measure my blogging schedule/frequency is to check my daily analytics to see how individual posts perform. But I also go back and do an in-depth analysis every month to better assess trends.

Takeaways You Can Use Today

  1. Pick a content schedule and stick with it.
  2. Use a content calendar to help yourself stick with your schedule.
  3. Use a content template to make each individual piece of content easier to produce.
  4. Evaluate your audience’s reaction to your content frequency and adjust as needed.

How’s your content marketing frequency?  Do you need to add some tools to your arsenal to make consistency an easier habit to practice?  What would help you be a more consistent producer of content?  Leave a comment below!


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  2. Consistency is important but it’s also tough when you have other deadlines that sneak up on you and all of a sudden that blog post is no longer a top priority. A content calendar is a great idea! Sometimes coming up with a topic takes almost as much time as actually writing the post!

  3. Pauline, Thank you so much for writing such an encouraging post. Using Jenn as an example is also very helpful because we’re all familiar with her success in only one year. Good on her for being able to write 3 x week! I have aimed at 1 x week and been able to stick to it for almost a year now. It’s indeed a great feeling. Calendar helps and also outlines. I’ve learned many tricks from another member of the Collective, Robin Strohmaier’s blog that offers tips on blogging written by Christine King. I can particularly relate to “It is sometimes challenging to be consistent when you are new and aren’t seeing the feedback (likes, shares, and comments) that help give you feedback and shape your future content.” – Truly appreciate you putting this information together. Cheers.
    Veronica Athanasiou recently posted..How is #SocialMedia like a Marathon?My Profile

  4. I also blog once a week because I am my entire company. If I had more time, I would blog more often on my site. I do blog for this site (yeah!), several of my clients as a ghost blogger, and the new online magazine, WomenOnlineMagazine. I am happy to spread my content around because I can and do link to all of it. I do not use an editorial calendar. My blogging ideas come to me during the week and usually revolve around one of five categories that I do have on my white board in my office.
    Laurie Hurley recently posted..How To Take Charge Of Your Not So Simple Social MediaMy Profile

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