Fall For Facebook’s Power Editor

Dart hit the heart in the center of datrboadWe all know that Facebook advertising is inexpensive and provides results with its remarkable targeting option.  Did you know you can target even further?  Facebook has a still-largely-unknown tool called the Power Editor.

Facebook’s Power Editor is a free browser plug-in created to help you get more from your Facebook ads. Initially created for the Chrome browser, it occasionally works with other browsers.  To check yours, click HERE.

The Power Editor gives you more advertising options than regular Facebook ad creation:

1. Even more detailed targeting

Want to reach corporate moms?  Done!  Want to reach a certain income level? Done! Want to reach those who work in health care? Done! With the partner categories, you can really get into the data that Facebook collects. The partner categories pair Facebook with three data-mining companies (Axciom, Datalogix and Epsilon) that collect user data related to purchase history and lifestyle. This allows you to engage in powerful ad targeting with more than 500 categories.

2. Custom Audiences

With the Power Editor, you can upload your customers’ email addresses and Facebook will match these with profiles online, allowing you to create a custom audience you can save and target with ads. You can also use this data to create lookalike audiences. There has been some privacy debate about this practice. Click here to read Facebook’s response.

3. Ad Placement

Now you can control where your ad shows up on Facebook.  You can set your ad to show up on the desktop and/or mobile devices or just in the right-side column. Depending on how your audience operates, you can now reach them anywhere.

4. Budget Control.

The Power Editor allows you to set your pricing for a maximum price per click, per 1000 people reached, per 1000 impressions or per action. You now have more control over how Facebook spends your money.

There are many perks when using Facebook’s Power Editor. To really maximize your campaign, this is something you definitely want to take advantage of.

For more information on Facebook’s Power Editor, the Social Media Examiner has put together a great Power Editor Guide.  You can read it here.

Have you used the Power Editor? If so, what is your favorite feature?