Boost Your Email With Images

Email imagesImages and email are like the sizzle to the steak, like the pepper to the salt, like the bacon to the eggs, like the … well, you get the idea. The fact is, using images in email adds to flair and readability, and can even increase the click-thru rate. Some people believe more is better when it comes to adding images in email, but that is simply not the case. Like any good recipe for marketing success, you want to increase your odds of readability and interaction. Overusing an ingredient, like images, can detract from your message and keep you from reaching your marketing goal.

To get a boost in your email images consider this:

Place links within them. Use your images as another way to get people to your specific landing page. Make sure each image is linked exactly where you want to direct the reader. Be sure to name your image appropriately, in case the image does not render, so your reader they will still be compelled to click it.

Use your own images if possible. If you can’t take your own photos, hire a photographer or a graphic designer. Personalized photos and graphics add a one-to-one feel to your message.

Customize stock images. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, have a designer place a targeted message or even your logo on a stock image. This can give a stock graphic or photo a personalized, big-time impact.

Monitor your use of graphics. Keep in mind that a lot of email users have “Images Off” as their default setting. Over 60% of the time images do not display to your audience.This means using images in email should spice up the emails but images should not be the main course. A good rule of thumb is to create a balance of about 30% graphics and images to about 70% text. Always preview your emails with a graphics off setting to see how they appear. Remember too, that there are an ever growing number of readers who will access your email through mobile devices.

Size and placement strategy. Keep your images to 600 pixels or less. Use a smaller image “above the fold” in your email so readers who use a preview pane will see it. keep larger graphics in the bottom half.

Images can be playful and amusing and they can create better interaction with your reader. Don’t just throw something in for the sake of it. Make sure every ingredient in your email has a purpose and is used in the proper quantity. Follow these tips and you have a recipe for email success! Happy email marketing!


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  2. Julie, thank you for your kind words :) I use most of the time. The reason is they are affordable, you can buy blocks of images and they do not time out. I know istock recently has given away some for free. Also, depending on what email provider you use Constant Contact, actually as part of their service has 100′s of stock images to choose from.
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    • Laurie, I love Picmonkey as well! I also am a huge fan of Snagit, too it has Camtasia video wrapped in so you can use it for more than images. I am a very visual person so if I could use only images I would but unfortunately the ever changing world of technology security does not care for my visual eye, especially in email ;)

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