Customer Experience: Walk A Mile In Their Shoes!

shoesShoes are a hot topic around my house! With two girls home from college for winter break, shoes are everywhere.  A girl can’t just have one pair of shoes – they have shoes for every occasion.  From the minute you walk into the front door you are climbing over shoes.  So let’s just say shoes have been on my mind a lot lately.

You may already be asking, what do shoes have to do with understanding your customer?

Have you ever walked a mile in your customers’ shoes?  Gone through the experience you are providing your customer as a customer?

To truly serve your customer you need to understand what they are experiencing.  You need to understand the pain points which had them reach out to you in the first place and you also need to understand what exactly happens from an organizational standpoint when they reach out to you.

Don’t rely on complaints from customers, put yourself in their shoes by going through the typical customer experience.  I am always amazed by the number of companies that institute processes and don’t understand what the typical customer really experiences.

The key here is to get into a customer-centric mindset. 

Start by taking a pen and paper and begin to brainstorm about the types of experience you want your customers to have.  Ask yourself how you can make the experience memorable and enjoyable.  Then begin to look at the systems you have in place and test them out.  Do you have opt in boxes on your website?  Enter your name and email address – are you receiving outdated information with those follow up automated systems.

Get customer focused for 2014! 

Please share with us the types of unique experience you provide your customers.  Do you have unique postcards you follow up with or artwork that you mail out?  Let us know, we love new ideas !

Frankie Mueller
For more than eleven years Frankie Mueller has helped business owners improve their online presence and streamline their marketing systems so that they can be out enjoying life while their website does the work for them.Since the early days of starting her own business Frankie realized very quickly how difficult it can be for entrepreneurs to get work done when they are focused on serving their clients. She began to develop time saving marketing strategies and services to support these busy entrepreneurs in getting more done with less effort. Over the past decade this focus has given way to a plethora of online marketing trainings in everything from online client attraction strategies to cutting edge website development tools including a proficient and vast knowledge of shopping carts, blogs, social media strategies and video.She is also a proud mom of three young adults and is an active participant in their sporting events and adventures.