CRM Integration With Email Marketing: Fall Forward Into Efficiency

Streamline Your Customer Contacts and Email Subscriber Data

Mailbox with Letters.Are you keeping your customer data in one place and your email marketing in a totally separate place – making double work? When I work with small business owners, they often tell me they want to make sure they don’t have to do double data-entry with their email marketing system. As a matter of fact, many people believe that their email marketing system alone serves as a CRM, though it really doesn’t.

You CAN have it all with the power of CRM integration into your email marketing system. What this means is that there is a connection that can be made between one online tool and another so that the customer data stays synchronized for a smooth marketing strategy.

The following is a mini-guide for CRM to Email Marketing integration so that you can streamline your business operations and reduce discrepancies between your contact lists and your email marketing. I will spare you the technical details, but each product generally provides some help guides so that you can connect the “API” key (a.k.a. Application Programming Interface) that lets the two different software systems talk to each other.

It is important to note that, in many cases, if you want to use CRM integration with email marketing or other software, you must use the PAID version of both programs. It is well worth the overhead to switch from a free version of an application to a paid version for the time and energy it will save you.

As you read this list know that I am mentioning 4 email marketing platforms I most frequently use when working with small business clients. There are tons of options available beyond these, including enterprise level options for larger business ventures. Generally, I have found that the most flexible email marketing platform to integrate between different cloud software applications without any additional fees or headaches is Mailchimp.

MailChimp CRM Integrations

Aweber CRM Integration

Constant Contact CRM Integrations

GetResponse CRM Integrations

If you have a different email marketing platform than the major ones that I have listed, I recommend that you directly ask the email marketing company – “what API integrations do they have with CRM software”. There is a good chance that you might be committed to an email marketing platform, but don’t see that they have a “ready made” integration with a CRM tool that you want to use. Companies like Cloudwork and Zapier have pioneered the connection between a variety of systems if you don’t happen to have a programmer hanging around on your contact list.  These companies traditionally charge a small monthly fee to use the programming bridges they have created between a variety of applications, thus allowing you the ability to automate the sharing of data between your email marketing program and CRM.

Good luck with your choices and remember this one major piece of advice – integrate with a plan. It is very important that you understand how both systems work as you put them to work together. Make sure to draw out a logistics plan for how they will communicate with each other and how customer data will be handled between them. Failure to do this in advance can result in a lot of audit and cleanup later.


  1. Hey Megha, Thanks for sharing this information with us. Most of time we get fail to do integrate of CRM with email marketing and we double our work load. Your information is really helpful for us for making email marketing more effective and managable. Thanks for sharing.