CRM: How Are You Building Trust?

trustI’m sure you have heard this many times in business, “People do business with those that they know, like and trust”.

Building trust is a key element in any business relationship, and using your CRM tool to help do that automatically will take a load off of your mind and business resources.

The following items need to be part of your strategy / plan for it to be effective builder of trust:

Are you listening to what your customers and prospects are saying? People associate trust with being treated with respect. In business this means someone listened and took what they had to say into account even if they didn’t agree with what was being said. Listening is the first step in building a relationship of trust.

Are you creating solutions to their problems? Trust isn’t built when trying to win personal victories. Resolve conflict by identifying the issues and together coming up with solutions.

Do you encourage feedback? Creating space for customers and prospects to contribute and provide feedback is essential. However, it is critical to have a means for responding to the feedback. Make sure you have an automatic follow-up system in place to follow up with their suggestions. The easiest way to do that is with a simple “thank you”.

Create an atmosphere of belonging. Remember that every customer or prospect has something of value to contribute to your company. Be inclusive and open to new ideas, make them feel secure in your business relationship and build trust. Building trust is done slowly and over time. It’s not something that occurs immediately and neither is a sense of belonging.

Every entrepreneur should have a CRM tool, not just because it helps increase profit and revenue, but also because it helps you build relationships and trust which are essential in business growth.

Share with us how you are building a better bond with your clients today?


  1. Some very good points in this article – thanks.

    CRM is a powerful tool, as is marketing automation (disclosure: I head up Salesformics, a tool that provides both CRM and automation for small businesses), but it is vitally important that people don’t just ‘set it and forget it’ or use the generic content some solutions provide.

    Being human in your communications is important, and it is possible to use CRM and MA tools to help scale your messaging to a large audience while remaining one-to-one with each prospect and customer. It’s all about balance and the right tools…
    Stewart Rogers recently posted..Introducing Twitter Filters – Go Beyond Mere Mentions!My Profile

    • Mallie Hart

      As always, we appreciate the read and the response, Stewart. MAny of us probably take our CRM for granted, or use it less enthusiastically and carefully than we should!

  2. Right now I have automatic notifications set up to let me know when someone comments on my Facebook page, Google + page or on YouTube so I am handling it by myself. These notifications are sent to my gmail account One of the biggest “helpful hints” I’ve started to implement is to mark emails as unread when I read them on my phone. That way when I get home on my computer they show up as “New” emails and don’t get lost.
    M’elle Piri-Lee, PT recently posted..Healing Springs Journal ArticleMy Profile

    • Mallie Hart

      That’s a great tip, M’elle! Thanks so much for reading and sharing. With busy inboxes, it can be too darned easy to miss an email, can’t it!

  3. Donna

    This was very informative. Social media marketing is effective when used responsibly. Thank you for the tips.

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