Blogging: Balancing Deadlines And Inspiration

Blogging: Balancing Deadlines And InspirationOne of the biggest challenges when blogging is to offer real value to your readers. But you have to balance value with the time it takes to produce valuable blogging content, as there are deadlines to meet. Consistency is key for the success of any blog, so sticking to a schedule and producing great content are both requirements.

What if that original idea you thought was so relevant is tackled by a few experts as you are drafting your own article? The chances of that happening increase as your connections expand across borders. You can always give it your own swing.

What can we do to stay relevant and original?

Instead of forcing ourselves to write content we’re not happy with, take a break, move away, don’t fight it, surrender for a moment  and you’ll see how many fresh ideas start to pop into your mind.

Some ways you can take a break from your writing include:

  1. Reading others’ articles but move away from a certain topic if you feel saturated by it.
  2. Standing up, walking around, go outdoors, engage in a physical activity or a repetitive chore that doesn’t require much thinking.
  3. Stop pushing yourself to write if you really don’t feel like it. Change your daily program and see if you feel inclined after completing tasks you had programmed for later.
  4. Meet up with a dear friend you haven’t seen in a while, face to face or via video call, to talk about their things.
  5. Watch a film or read a book that matches your mood. 

Since we all know that we’ll face blogging dry spells, we must have a list of extra ideas or evergreen topics that we can use if taking a break isn’t enough to inspire us. You have to allow for this to happen, so don’t leave it to the last minute to write that draft.

Our own editor and owner of the Social Solutions Collective, Mallie Hart, recently wrote about how to beat writer’s block, stressing the fact that all ideas are important and should be filed for use when needed. I just came across her article while revising this draft, an example of how similar ideas can be expressed at the same time but in different ways.

Don’t measure success by immediate response.

Some articles will get you nowhere, no response, nada. Others will take off after some time since publication and others will go viral almost immediately after hitting the publish button. There is no magic formula, only hard work and discipline. There are plugins that can help you share and reshare evergreen content, like  “Tweet Old Post” or Social Oomph, as pointed out by Mike Allton in an article about how often to tweet.

Quantity and quality are both important. Even if you don’t get any immediate response, you could keep your idea in your evergreen articles pool and share it again at a later date. Any idea is good, as Mallie states in her article, and you can always come back to one that wasn’t so popular then, but might be a hit today.


  1. I really enjoyed this article, Veronica. Sometimes the inspiration is slow in coming, but that means it is time for a break and a chance to rewind. It definitely takes time to cultivate a following but if you write about what you enjoy and can convey your ideas in an interesting and thought provoking manner, readers will respond.

    • Hi Kosta,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate the input and like that idea very much myself!! It made me think of an ‘in-between’ option that would make it easier for the guest blogger to fill in the gap while inspiration returns: how about an interview type of article? This way you get ideas that are relevant to your industry but don’t impose the writing burden on the guest. Would you agree?
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