Back To Basics: Social Advertising Reporting Lingo

Advertising Terms & UnderstandingIn my last post, I took you back to the basics of social advertising and the different options available. When undertaking social advertising for yourself or your clients, knowing if it’s working (or has already worked) is very important. Hard-earned money is spent in hope of promoting an event or sale or growing a community. Each platform that offers advertising has a reporting mechanism that allows you to see how your ad is performing. Of course, with those reports come a lot of terminology with which you may not be familiar. Consider this your basic social advertising reporting terminology lesson!

General Social Advertising Reporting Terminology

Impressions: Impressions show how many views each ad received. Example: If 100 people saw your ad, you had 100 impressions. If 400 people saw your ad two times each, you had 800 impressions.

Click-Thru Rate (CTR): Number of clicks you received divided by the number of times an ad was shown. Example: Ad was shown 10,000 and 100 people clicked on it, your CTR would be .01%.

Facebook Advertising Reporting Terminology

Social Reach: Number of people who saw your ad with social information. For example, if three people see an ad two times each that says a friend likes your page, your social reach is three.

Actions: Actions are something that someone does as a result of seeing your ad. Actions include page likes, comments, conversions, event responses, etc. For example, if you get two page likes and two comments, they will be counted as four actions.

Frequency: Average number of times each person saw your ad.

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Twitter Advertising Reporting Terminology

Engagements: The total number of times someone has interacted with a promoted tweet. This includes all clicks anywhere on the tweet, including any hashtags, links, avatar, username, or tweet expansion; retweets; replies; follows; or favorites.

Engagement Rate: The number of clicks, retweets, replies, follows and favorites divided by the total number of impressions. This is very similar to the Facebook click-thru rate.

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LinkedIn Advertising Reporting Terminology

Leads: The number of people who requested that you contact them through the lead collection tool.

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I hope this helped you to gain some understanding of the advertising terms used in many reports. Did I leave one out that you’re not sure about? Comment below we will help sort out its meaning!