The Anatomy Of A Pinterest Board

anatomy-handA few months back I wrote “The Anatomy of a Great Pin“ which touched on seven different aspects of a great pin. Trying to fit all seven aspects into one super pin might be a bit much to ask each and every time you pin, but it is certainly not impossible. I so enjoyed writing that article, that I’ve compiled six different points for your consideration when you set up your next Pinterest board.

Creating fun, inspiring, unique, searchable, educational and information-rich boards is what successful pinning is all about. First, let me share some quick and interesting data on boards & pins. There is a 350 board limit on each Pinterest account, allowing for 100,000 total pins. Pinterest suggests that if you need more boards (or more pins), you should create another account with another email address, as they can not change these limits for any reason (at this point). If you are ready to create some awesome, inspiring and searchable boards, consider these 6 aspects.

1. Name

Choose your board names carefully. Each time you create a new board, think of the keyword(s) you want to use in order for the board to be (easily) found in a Pinterest search. Consider how the board name can enhance your current SEO efforts by targeting the right keywords and how the keywords relate to your overall personal or business branding and strategy.

2. Category

Each board can (and should) be placed into a specific category. I urge you to not skip this step. Putting each board into a category makes them much more searchable. Right now, the categories available are somewhat limited (for business accounts), so if none fits well, choose ‘other’.

3. Board Cover

Once you have several pins on a board, go ahead and choose the board cover. Something to consider here is your overall pinning  and social media strategy.  You can change a board cover whenever choose. Select something that represents your specific board and your branding!  You might also consider incorporating your monthly theme when choosing the board cover, or go with a color or holiday theme and reset all board covers all at once to reflect that theme.

4. Pins

Adding pins to a board is oh so easy and there is no real limit to what you can pin – unless you need 100,000 pins on a board. Make sure to pin images and items with detailed descriptions. Matching the pin descriptions to the board’s keywords will enhance search efforts, too.

5. Positioning

You can re-position your boards at any time. This means you can move your boards around, especially if you have quite a lot. Consider grouping boards that compliment each other, or, if you have a monthly theme, group boards that work with that theme to the top and middle of your account wall to highlight them and draw attention to them.

6. Board Type

There are several board types you can choose from when you first create it. Regular boards are made by you and only you can pin to them. Secret boards are only visible to you and those people you invite to share. You can make a secret board and then later make it a regular board – visible, but you can not change it back and make a regular board ‘secret’. Shared boards are those boards to which you invite others to pin. They have a wider reach and (usually) more pins, but also have the potential to get spammy.

I would love to know if you think taking time to set up your boards correctly is important, or if you consider pinning great images and items enough.

Happy Pinning!