An Exciting New Look For Pinterest

Slowly but surely Pinterest is rolling out their new look to users. The Social Solutions Collective got the new look just this week and I am excited to give you a quick tour of the new interface.

There are two major changes and a few minor ones. Note: If you get offered the new look, Pinterest has made it easy for you to get used to it. You can still switch back to the old look whenever you choose. Some of the features of the old look are not yet available on the new interface, therefore they let you switch back and forth with the switch of one button.

Pinterest New Lookl


Two Major Changes

When you get the new look, you’ll immediately notice two major changes: larger pins & a new navigation system. Let’s explore both.

Pin Changes:

Besides being slightly, but noticeably larger, when you click on a pin you can now immediately see the following information about that pin:

All the other pins on that same board:

PInterest other pins on the board

Other pins pinned from the same source:

Pinterest other pins from the source

A ‘Visit Website’ button to go directly to the website the pin came from:

Pinterest Visit Website

All repins for that selected pin and the boards they were repinned to:

PInterest Repins


Navigation Changes:

The navigation menu for categories is now on the left side of your screen, not in the middle and lets you search very easily.

Pinterest Navigation


On the right side of your screen you can still access your boards, pins and your account settings.

Pinterest Drop down menu

I personally like the new look and have enjoyed playing with it this week. I think getting more information about each pin before repinning is a great new feature. Being able to see repins and other pins from the website is a great way to add to the credibility of the source.

What do you think of the new Pinterest look? Do you have the new look yet? I’d love to know your thoughts.


Dorien Morin
Dorien Morin-van Dam is the face behind the orange glasses! Proud to be Dutch, Dorien wears orange glasses in real life, too! As manager of 4 kids, 3 dogs, 1 business and 1 husband, multi-tasking is her middle name. When she’s not engaged online, Dorien loves to engage with all those kids and their friends. Dorien is a marathon runner, avid reader, blogger, baker and world traveler. Her company, More In Media, was founded in 2011 after her youngest child started kindergarten, and she helps small companies enter the social media market with service offerings like basic account set-up, account linking and training. She's also doing a lot of consulting and social media management, as well as social media strategic planning.Pinterest is an easy to use and fun social media platform, yet to fully understand it and take advantage of all it has to offer takes a bit of time. Dorien works with and teaches small business owners Social Media 101 in her Hands On Workshops, which includes plenty of material on Pinterest. Dorien guides her students through Pinterest Traffic, contests, boards, pins, likes, pinning Pinterest apps and many more Pinteresting subjects.
Dorien Morin
Dorien Morin


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